Georgia Casino News : Casino Versus Online Fantasy Gaming

Georgia Casino News : Casino Versus Online Fantasy Gaming

(The following is an interview with the Executive Director of the Georgia Council on Problem Gambling.)

GCPG: Are daily fantasy sports legal in Georgia?

E.G.: The Georgia Attorney General office is the entity that makes this determination. As of 3/1/16, the Attorney General has issued informal advice that daily fantasy sports are illegal.

GCPG: Why has a formal opinion not been rendered?

E.G.: We don’t want to even speculate on why the office has not formally found these online activities as illegal. There are many issues that need to be resolved.

GCPG: We have heard there is another form of online gambling called, ” social casinos “.

E.G. Social casinos are georgia casino newsplaying cards and other games in an online community. The players are generally anonymous.

GCPG: What are the Council’s concerns about online gaming and social casinos?

E.G. Our concerns as a mission of our organization are two fold: treatment resources for gambling addiction and the social and economic impact of gambling on Georgia taxpayers and citizens.

GCPG: Are these forms of gambling addictive?

E.G. In short, yes. How addictive are fantasy online gambling has not been fully researched. Gambling Addiction advocates apply an understanding of gambling addiction to arrive at the conclusion they are powerful in their addiction partly because “long shot” wagering and speed betting is very addictive.

GCPG: What do you foresee as future trends?

E.G.: Important for Georgia casino news and media, many if not a majority of consumer products are now being sold on the internet. Brick and mortar retail – shopping malls, electronics outlets, video rental stores – all are moving to online purchase because on their convenience. Casinos are closing. So the same is likely happening with casino gambling. The council’s concern therefore is that the social and negative economic impact of brick and mortar casinos in Georgia could outweigh their viability. Please visit our News and Updates page for more media resources for gambling addiction.

GCPG: Finally, is there help available for Georgia citizens who recognize they have a gambling addiction and want to seek help or treatment?

E.G. The council has help resources available by calling the national hotline at 800-522-4700.