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Need Gambling Help Now?


georgia gambling helpGeorgia gambling help is available through the Georgia Council on Problem Gambling. We are the State of Georgia gambling help leaders on anything related to resources, public awareness, advocacy, education, research consulting, licensed counselor and social work CEU ethics and other clinical training. We are proud to be the only entity with experience delivering Georgia gambling help services, helping gamblers stop gambling, and proven success in connecting callers throughout the state with resources to help Georgia families recover from gambling addiction.

If the Council, Gamblers Anonymous or other entity has helped you stop gambling or you continue to struggle with a gambling addiction, please click here to share your story anonymously. It will appear on the sliding carousel “Wisdom From Recovering Gamblers” on the bottom left of each page.

Don’t know any problem gamblers? It is likely you do. Problem Gambling is devastating our families and burdening the State’s healthcare, criminal and civil justice systems–an estimated 380,000 problem gamblers and $336 million dollars per year in economic costs (Georgia State University publication, 2010 Fact Sheet).


Problem gambling is a public health crisis in Georgia. The suicide rate for gambling addiction is higher than any other addiction. As one of the 37 State Affiliates of the National Council on Problem Gambling, we are attacking this problem for Georgia.


Our mission is to ensure that every Georgia citizen who wants to stop gambling can get the help and treatment they need. At the Council’s urging, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed an executive order proclaiming March Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Join our emotional commitment. Roll up your sleeves and volunteer. GCPG is the Voice for Relevant, Breaking Info on the Social Impact of Gambling. Georgia Gambling Helpline call 888-236-4848. Bilingual -24/7.