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Mission and Vision


The Georgia Council on Problem Gambling is an IRS 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization. We are gambling neutral; neither for nor against it. Our mission statement reflects our goal. Our vision statement helps us reach beyond our goal.


Mission Statement

To provide leadership in reducing the social and economic costs of problem gambling through a continuum of advocacy, public awareness, education and evidence-based treatment programs.

Vision Statement

To ensure every Georgia citizen who wants to stop gambling has streamlined access to a cost effective and progressive system of care.

Why does Georgia need an advocacy organization for problem gambling?

1) Problem gamblers and their families need a voice. They need a representative who can approach government, the gaming industry, funding sources and the public to raise awareness that gambling addiction is a public health crisis and an enormous burden that carries with it enormous economic and social costs. Problem gambling costs taxpayers a lot of money and tears apart communities and families. The families of gamblers are aware of this fact. The community at large is not.

2) A 2007 state funded report on problem gambling services concluded that funds for a Georgia Council on Problem Gambling was the number one funding priority ( 2007 Strategic Plan for Problem Gambling, page 6).

3) An NGO non government organization can make the most efficient use of the limited available resources. The Georgia Council on Problem Gambling is Georgia’s source for information, public awareness, education/prevention and treatment services related to problem gambling and gambling addiction. No other entity in the state has the needed structure or capacity to deliver comprehensive services.

4) After over a decade of research, the medical community has discovered- partly through brain scanning techniques- that problem gambling is a disease (“Gambling Disorder”). It is not a “lifestyle” or “foolish financial management”. It is a chronic but treatable medical condition. It cannot be cured, but sustained remission is possible with ongoing treatment. The Georgia Council on Problem Gambling possesses the collective expertise to provide the leadership to ensure that funding for services is increased in light of these breakthrough findings.

5) The Georgia Council on Problem Gambling is the sole organization in the state with experience in treating Gambling Disorder.

How can I help?

1) Speak with your legislators. Express your concern about gambling addictions $336 million annual cost to Georgia citizens (view fact sheet). Express your concern about the lack of apparent public awareness initiatives and lack of availability of treatment services.

2) Make a donation. Volunteer or Intern Now. Contact us and ask how you can assist. There are ways everyone can contribute.

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