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Clinical Membership

Become a Clinical Member now of the Georgia Council on Problem Gambling and you will open doors to greater clinical opportunities. For a limited time, annual membership is $50.00–the price of student membership for many professional organizations. Membership benefits include receiving news- at times daily- on anything related to gambling addiction in Georgia, nationally and internationally. You will have access to information valuable to treating not only gamblers but all addictions.

Most importantly, you will be involved in a progressive and rapidly expanding mental health and substance abuse advocacy, education and treatment organization. The GCPG is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit gaming neutral organization–we are neither for nor against it. Our mission is to ensure every Georgia citizen has access to cost effective treatment services.

Become a Clinical Member of the Georgia Council on Problem Gambling.

Join now during this limited time offer of ground-level
access to gambling addiction practice opportunities.

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