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Gaming Industry


The only legal form of gambling in the State of Georgia is the state lottery. The lottery was created through legislation in 1992 for the purposes of providing funds for educational programs. The Georgia Lottery Corporation, a public corporation, must generate it’s own revenues and does not receive state funding. However, the State provides some resources to the lottery. For example, the lottery receives legal representation from the State Attorney General’s office on certain matters. Of those surveyed in 2007 that report gambling, approximately 50% consume lottery products.  The GLC voluntarily directs $200,000 annually to the State Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities for treatment of compulsive gambling.

There have been ongoing efforts to expand through legislation other gaming in the form of casino and animal racing. There are however a number of Georgian’s who’s primary gaming is casino frequently in Alabama and North Carolina who are also suffering from severe gambling addiction.

The council is eager to partner with gaming manufacturing companies, convenience store operators, casinos and other gaming industry organizations and will be happy to assist with implementing a variety of responsible gaming and staff training programs- your organization can be confident in knowing it is meeting it’s social obligation as a seller of gambling products.

For more information, call the GCPG administrative offices or use the contact link below and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Georgia Lottery for Education Act-“Unclaimed Prize Winnings”
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