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Georgia Gambling Helpline | Dedicated Line

Finding a Gambling Counselor


GCPG Georgia Gambling Helpline


I’m so overwhelmed and desperate I don’t even know where to begin.


Your starting point for help is our Georgia Gambling Helpline at 888-236-4848. We operate georgia gambling helpline addiction problemaround the clock and our call center is multilingual. We understand the most difficult step is making that call for help. Gambling addiction is our specialty. We don’t handle calls for anything BUT gambling addiction.


What can I expect when I call? Will an untrained operator answer the phone?


We are the only helpline for gambling addiction in the State of Georgia. All of our call center specialists at the Georgia Gambling Helpline receive ongoing training in problem gambling. The Georgia Council on Problem Gambling works closely with the call center coordinator. We ensure state resources and the list of qualified counselors are current. If you don’t know what to tell the Georgia gambling helpline specialist, simply tell them you need help and they will guide you through the process. All are dedicated and some have worked with the call center for many years. You will receive help from a caring person. Some have personally been impacted by gambling addiction. We understand.


How does a gambling counselor help me and my family members? What do they do to help me stop gambling?


The most effective treatment for gambling addiction is individual counseling. All of our counselors are fully trained in gambling addiction. Some have treated hundreds of gamblers.  When you call, you will be referred to one. Your Counselor is at the center of the “wheel” of your treatment. They use techniques with proven success. Together you will agree on a treatment plan. At any point, your counselor may how can i stop internet sports gamblingrecommend to bring in other professionals. Other services and professionals include Gamblers Anonymous and Gam-Anon meetings, your family doctor, residential 28-day programs, or other. Most importantly, your counselor blends all of these resources to help you regain control of your life. And to help you rebuild your life. Call today. Let us help you walk from the darkness into the light. 888-236-4848

Step-by-Step Guide


You may also find this guide helpful when calling our helpline.

1) Your call is anonymous and confidential. The help center specialist will ask your most frequent type of gambling. They will also ask information about gender, age and the area where you live. Providing this information is important to the Council’s mission. It helps us know where to train and place counselors and develop other services.

2) The specialist will also ask about your mood. Over 50% of gambling addicts have suffered with severe depression. Utilize this opportunity to share everything you believe is important. Everything the specialist needs to know to help you.

3) Ask about printed materials. The Georgia gambling helpline can also send ink pens and other gadgets so you will always have a reminder to stay on top of getting help.   There are workbooks specially designed for gamblers, family members, and senior gamblers. They will help you understand gambling addiction. The workbooks will help you understand gambling addiction as a chronic and persistent illness that requires ongoing treatment.

4) Utilize the gambling resources you are provided as soon as the call has ended. Call the counselor as they can provide you with additional resources not available to the call center.

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