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Families and Problem Gambling

The Gambler’s Rock Bottom

Persons with gambling addiction will often get help or find a counselor when they fear they will lose their family. Rock Bottom is when consequences of their behavior reach a breaking point. Rock bottom differs for every gambler though it is usually threats of divorce, incarceration, the inherent danger of the relationship with a bookie (the gambler’s equivalent of the “dope man”), or chasing of large losses that culminates in depression and thoughts of suicide. Often family members make the initial contact to the GCPG 888-236-4848 Georgia hotline. Family has reached the breaking point from betrayal, deceit and financial losses and bailouts. The gambler and their family become estranged as more time is spent gambling, thinking about gambling, or devising plans for covering and chasing betting losses. It is important to note that these are symptoms of addiction and when successfully treated the deceit, betrayal and out-of-character behavior usually ceases as well. Be assured that even if your family member does not want to stop gambling and is resistant and combative against help,  our staff at our bilingual gambling helpline 800-522-4700 are well trained and can help in a variety of ways. For, example,  the Georgia gambling helpline can also send you printed materials including workbooks to help you cope with their addiction until they make the decision to stop.

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