GCPG staff have over 11 years of experience promoting that help is available for gambling addiction and specifically reaching those who want to stop gambling but do not know that help is available. We have coordinated or delivered both outpatient and inpatient gambling treatment services to over 200 gamblers– a startling number since no federal or local addiction monies are being allocated in Georgia for public awareness .


If you are reading this page, we have accomplished our goal of connecting with gamblers who seek help through a web search!  Particularly with the proliferation of online sports and other gambling, the GCPG will allocate resources to web strategies for reaching help seekers as well as traditional means of public awareness and advertising.

  • Georgia Casino News : Casino Versus Online Fantasy Gaming

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    Georgia Casino News : Casino Versus Online Fantasy Gaming (The following is an interview with the Executive Director of the Georgia Council on Problem Gambling.) GCPG: Are daily fantasy sports legal in Georgia? E.G.: The Georgia Attorney General office is … Continued
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    An Alpharetta gambling bust on March 16 2015 prompted a WSB TV, Atlanta Journal and AM 750 Radio search for experts on March Madness sports gambling the role of gambling addiction. The bust involved an evening NCAA March Madness gambling … Continued
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