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Research & Planning

Strategic Planning


The Council synthesizes information from numerous sources to inform our strategic plan. This information includes national and state prevalence and other surveys and reports, reports on utilization of mental health and addiction services in Georgia, clinical research, data on over 200 gamblers utilizing counseling services through the GCPG, reports from our helpline and immeasurable resources that are inherent in being part of a 34 state affiliate network. This processed information enables us to plot geographical placement of services and effectively targeted public awareness and marketing efforts. In essence, it allows us to serve the most people in the most cost effective manner.

We are hopeful of partnering with the Georgia DBHDD Addictive Disease Branch to explore implementation of an ambitious public awareness campaign and assist with executing education and prevention programs. Also Georgia’s most current prevalence survey was completed in 2007 and new data is needed particularly since the rapid proliferation of online gambling.

The information and data developed by the State has been critical in obtaining a clearer picture of problem gambling in Georgia.

-Approximately 380,000 problem gamblers and 200,000 severely addicted.

-Approximately $336,000,000 annual social and economic costs beared by Georgia Citizens through property crimes, divorce and other civil suits, gamblers processed through the criminal justice system, burden on the healthcare system, lost work productivity and many other factors.

For more information, visit our downloads page to view full-text state surveys and reports.

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