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Workplace Costs



“Problem gambling in the workplace can be difficult to detect. You can’t smell gambling on an employee’s breath and since many forms of gambling are legal, employees admit they gamble. Some gamblers report betting over $200,000 from their cell phone while at work. Employees may resort to theft and embezzlement. Further, many gambling addicts are driven and otherwise model employees.”

-Eric Groh MS LPC NCGC II President; Georgia Council on Problem Gambling and a National Certified Gambling Counselor.

Download this document for detailed information on cost in the workplace. You can reprint it for distribution amongst your HR and Benefits Coordinators. We would be happy to provide training on warning signs and how to intervene with staff who have a gambling addiction as a community service– free of charge. Click here to view visit our more detailed 2015 Social and Economic Impact of Georgia Gambling page.

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